Music Moment: Autechre “444”

05 Oct


Okay this has to be VERY quick as i´m tired fighting the system and i need my beauty sleep. Very much a day spent around doing my civic duty. Spent a good time have a wonderful chat with blogging hero of mine, Daði Rafnasson, who writes the Economic Disaster Area blog. His discussion was very illuminating about the state of the body politic and societal in Iceland (read: I thought it was fucked. Now i KNOW it’s fucked!). I then went downtown and took part in a major protest against the main political parties. Was probably the loudest rave i went to. It was just sooooo noisy, like 10 Rage Against The Machine playing on a continuous loop.  Alas there were a few dickhead moments (such as when a couple of Far right Nazi flags were unfurled), but people thankfully were not amused by this and i hope it didn’t overshadow the level of anger and disillusionment that we are all feeling right now.

OKAY lecture is now over. Some music before bedtime i think. and since the last post contained lots of lovely wibbly obscure electronica, I’m  going for something a little similar and classic. “444” by Autechre is taken from their 1993 debut album, Incunabula. I t just has that timeless feel that you get from early Aphex Twin and Future Sound of London. Numerous points of melody and rhythm sliding effortless over each other, like a floor of LSD snakes. just what i need….


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