Video Dump: Amon Tobin “Esther’s”

05 Oct

you know there’s creepy, then there’s outright disturbing…. and there you have this!

Not really sure where to start. Well, you have a nice young lady who’s about to prepare for a dinner/coffee/piledriving sex session with some unknown person. But then it goes from there to the crazy eyed poster boy for restraining orders staring at her outside in the street.

Now that (and possibly a wanking session while he steal glances at her from behind the bush) would be creepy enough, but then he has in his pocket a special edition of those micro machines toys, from that discontinued “Predator stalking rape-o kilabot” series that never really caught on with kids.

The end is a bit “really? WTF is that all about?” but it’s a rather interesting little video and some good animation.

Seriously though, that woman needs to get some better lighting in that flat….

(info bit – this is the video to Amon Tobins latest Single “esthers” from his 2007 album “Foleys roomzzzzzzz)

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Posted by on October 5, 2010 in music, Video


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