Music Dump: Goblin “Profondo Rosso OST”

06 Oct

If like me, you have a very healthy RSS reader, then you will notice that a lot of blogs this month are starting to introduce a lot of Halloween themes in their posts. Personally i just think that kind of stuff is just lame and lazy thinking and should be avoided at all costs.

But after eating a whole pack of raw streaky bacon with some chocolate milk, i thought to myself  “oh who the fuck am i kidding???” So in the time honoured tradition of all hackneyed and sloppy blog writing, for the month of October, the sweet old farm will be introducing a few horror orientated posts. And this will include all the music dumps and stuff.

and to start this month, i´m going to introduce some of the scariest prog funk this side of a George A Romero movie. I give to you the OST to Dario Argento’s “Profondo Rosso” by Italian prog giants Goblin.

Now anyone who knows anything about 70’s and 80’s horror movies will be aware of Mr Argento and the particularly stylish and terrifically ways in which he offs most of the characters. And Profondo Rosso is seen by many as the pinnacle of his film career. This is thanks, in no small part, to the soundtrack provided by Goblin. Starting off being a King Crimson knock off, they were known as Cherry Red. But things took a turn when the initial composer for Profondo Rosso, Giorgio Gasini pulled out and Argento took a chance on the band. After a couple of line up changes, they decided to rename themselves as Goblin, and the rest they say, was history.

As well as their own albums, Goblin went on to provide soundtracks to other Horror greats such as Dawn of the Dead, and many other Argento films such as Suspiria, Tenebrae and Phenomena.

But it’s this soundtrack that’s the proverbial dogs testicles. The album i´ve giving you is the complete edition which contains numerous mixes of the main songs, as well as several bonus tracks. I think you should download it and see why so many nu-prog bands take such great pains to sound like these guys….

Try the “Profondo Rosso OST” HERE

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