Music Moment: Source Direct “StoneKiller”

06 Oct


Hmmm thing are actually a little quiet here on the farm right now. All my copy has been filed away to my editor in chief (which is what his official titles is apparently. I just call him SIR!!). And then it’s nothing but keeping this blog up and running, while preparing and doing the most minimal amount of research required for airwaves. For example trying not to mistake Danish moody accoustic duo Murder for a gothic death metal band or something. And also arranging some meetups with several ex-pat airwaves legends. More on that later….

But as for tonight. Now, when Drum and Bass first started in the 90’s i will be the first to admit that nearly all of it flew me by. I attended a few DnB nights as MASS in Brixton, London and my brother had a few mixtapes, but essentially I was a bit of a clueless nOOb when it comes to that ol’ sub bass woofing and shit….

but i know what i like and i like this. “StoneKiller” by Source Direct. I think it’s that while it has  plenty of furious DnB breakbeat rhythms, it’s the chilling dark ambient sounds in the background that do it for me. The howling winds with the slight throb of a synthetic siren gives the mood of nighttime across a DMZ that’s been infected with some strange pathogen. either way it’s definitely the sort of thing i want in my Mp3 player when I’m walking alone back from a club at 3am on a winter’s night….

Good night…

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