Music Moment: The Present Moment “Million to one”

07 Oct


sometimes it’s best to have a lovely evening in. Had a couple of fine friends, Catharine & Aðalsteinn around for some dinner that was heavily accentuated on the old carbohydrates. Taught Aðalsteinn how to play poker, before Sigga promptly cleaned Catharine and me out. Fun times had by all!

But now it’s all quiet and i pack up for bed. I fancy something a little poppy but dark. And in my quantum secret hard drive i find this little thing that  interested me.

The Present Moment are a Californian Darkwave Pop band. Well when i say Darkwave pop they pretty much run the spectrum between a grimier version of the Human League and Depeche Mode, to the late 80’s industrial sound of Front 242 and KMFDM. tonight’s track, “Million to One”, warps the early 80’s synth pop strand, but whereas the likes of Hurts act all coy and intellectual with video aspirations to 30’s Weimar Germany, sharp suits and androgyny, The Present Moment go for a more sordid, moist, low-rent feel with LOTS of dark and the atmosphere of an underground nightclub that may or may not be sexually deviant. That’s much more like it!



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