Freeze Dried Live Review: – Lazyblood (or “Wait did i really just see that???”)

09 Oct

Now despite what you might think, i hate doing live reviews. This is because you have to stay in a venue and watch EVERY band until the end, even if the whole evening blows chunks. Oh and if you get drunk and don’t take notes, then it can also be a bit of a problem.

But last night was a little different. I was due to stay in, but as Sigga was sick and of no real use to society, i decided to pop down to the Venue, err, Venue to the “ÓTUGTARKVÖLD” (“Naughty evening”)

Alas when i arrived my good friend Aðalsteinn was wrapping up his set with AMFJ so i missed his intense perspiring stage manner. Damn my nephew for not wanting to drink at a hipsters bar! But at least i was able to appreciate the other bands on display. First to assault my ears was a band called Logn. They are only about 15 years old (i think the drummer had braces), and the singer Fritz was a titch of a child. But what a fucking racket they made! This was proper undiluted Grindcore music that you would get from Earache records in the late 80’s (Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror et al). Little titch was just storming the venue sreaming and growling. I think the grown ups were a little afraid of him. I know i was. And the drummer Ægir was such a furious blur that he did look in serious pain for a few moments. Also he had seriously long hair that kept sticking to his sweaty face while he drummed. Get it cut you bloody hippie!

It’s good to see some god honest noise and venom. Made up for the fact manslaughter cancelled on us.

I’m going to skip the next band and head straight over to Reykjavik! There were mostly playing a lot of the newer material so we never got the delights of Flybus. But as ever they rocked the place out, although the crowd was a little stand-offish to start with. Why they weren’t drunk enough or they were all posing, I’m not sure. But it wasn’t until a bunch of dude like guidos, dressed in white t-shirts, waistcoats and quiffed hair stormed the dance area demanding “all the beautiful boys” that things picked up. Being the adaptable beasts they are, Reykjavik! duly obliged and only then did the general public start to unwind. At one point i think i saw both Frímann and Bóas swinging from the ceiling ducts like overdressed chimps. Hurrah!

Alas i went next door to Bakkus to chat with Fribbi and a few other friends, so i actually missed Bárujárn. But i saved Lazyblood till last because there are some times when you see a live act that blows you away, but completely bewilders you with its OTT off the wall histrionics.

Lazyblood are a two piece containing Valdimar Jóhannsson (who is also in Reykjavik) and Erna Ómarsdóttir, who is a professional dancer. Apparently they met after he did guitar for one of their dance pieces, but something tells me that Valdi isn’t being given enough to do in Reykjavik! because the stuff he has written with Erna hints at someone who has some very deep issues that need to be addressed.

Straight from the first song, we were assaulted with crazed eyes, pained screams and Grand Guignol children’s nursery rhymes composed by Skinny Puppy and the Grey Wolves. I commented to people it was as if Roxette or Aqua had just discovered Norwegian black metal. An example is their song “Volcanoes and Babies”, where she repeatedly screamed “IT’S A BLOODY BABY!!” like she was Waynetta Slob. For the first ten minutes i couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of it all. But after 30 minutes i was STILL transfixed with Erna’s stage antics.

See, you could say that some of the songs were total guff, but what Lazyblood have got is an immense stage and theatrical presence. and you then realise that so many other (and supposedly cooler bands) Reykjavik bands have abysmal stage craft and the power and presence of a block of lard. What they are are a circus of bipolar noise and macabre playthings.

And when i did take my eyes of them, i got the fight of my life when Erna leapt from the stage and acted like a hobbit and started nibbling at my ankles. Now you certainly don’t get that with Hjaltalín!

To show you what i mean, here is a live video of them in action. Goddamn Freaks!

But could it ever be as good as this?  Maybe one day we can hope…..


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