Music Moment: Kalashnikov Collective “No Doves Fly Here”

10 Oct


Has been a pretty kick ass weekend, all things considered. A couple of pints turned into a scenester bonding session on Friday. Had a nice relaxing night in with Sigga on saturday. And today, I’ve been looking into my old Industrial/EBM music archive, listening to how Germans in PVC sounded in the 80’s…..

But as it’s Sunday night I’m going to go a little easy on you and offer something that will be a little easy on the ears, if not the soul.

the Kalashnikov Collective is an Italian anarchist punk collective that have  been going strong for over a decade now. They call their music “Romantic Punk”, which i think i meant to be more akin to the Romantic Poets, rather than soppy love songs to guitar music. Their music is usually noise and brutal, but they went on a different tack for tonight’s song. “No Doves fly over here” is a cover of a 1981 song from Crass Label punks The Mob. It was a slow mournful anti-war song that was against the grain of the usual anarchist punk at the time. And the KC have amped the songs with gothic Piano and booming orchestral percussion. If you like the Dresden Dolls and other such music, then you will get this.


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