Scary Shit on a Sunday: “The Brood (1979)”

10 Oct

Good evening my little trolls of chaos

As it’s the month of October and we are doing more horror themed posts, the Sunday Movie Apocalypse is taking a break for a few weeks. Yeah, i know that there is nothing as scary or depressing as the end of the world as we know it, but sometimes we need cheaper, more base scares and thrills. So for the next few weeks I’ll be introducing SCARY SHIT ON A SUNDAY!! Has a rather nice ring to it don’t you think?

So for this week I’m putting up a film that may be taken down soon, so I’m getting right in there quickly. Nowadays David Cronenberg makes measured films about the state of the human Mind (“Spider” ), mans ability for violence (“A history of Violence”), or having sex with inanimate objects and stuff (“Crash”), but he still manages to pepper them with shocking scenes of violence (“Woah! he’s just shivved a knife right into that guys eye!”).

But his early films were full-on visceral Body Horror shockers. Videodrome, Rabid, Shivers and Scanners are prime examples. And none of them are on streamable video! Except this one. Ladies and gentlemen i give you… THE BROOD.

Made in 1979, The Brood stars Oliver Reed as a maverick psychiatrist who uses an unorthodox technique called psychoplasmics to enable his patients to change their bodies so their negative feelings and emotions can take physical form. A man verbally abused by his father develops welts all over his body for example.

One of his patients, who is undergoing a bitter breakdown of her marriage and a custody battle over her daughter goes further and begins to give birth to monsters who act out on her negative feelings after Reed bring them to the surface. As for the monsters? well that would be telling now would it?

While this film is one of Cronenbergs lower key films, it contains some really gory, shocking scenes that probably wouldn’t be shown today, lest they shock peoples delicate sensibilities. The acting is also strong with Reed being fairly restrained and Samantha Eggar as the increasingly unhinged wife.

So get your popcorn and soda and remember…. never get married, then divorced lest you ex spouse develops a hatred of you that takes physical form and will kills you while you sleep….

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