Music Moment: Zach Hill “The Sacto Smile”

11 Oct


Well it’s most certainly been an eventful day down here on the farm. For those who don’t already know, we have a new Kitteh! A little black 6 month old Kitteh that we have decided to call STALIN!

Yes that’s right folks, we have decided to give our new bundle of joy a name that befits a cold-blooded tyrant who thought nothing of sending millions to their dead as an after dinner thought. But when he looks at you with those big green eyes, you completely forget about what he did in the gulags…

Alas it means that he has almost cleaned me out what with vet bills and other things, the little bastard! I am definitely going to need to call in a few favours over the next 48 hours or my Iceland Airwaves weekend is going to be on a SUPER budget ( budget at all). Oh well…

so onto tonight’s little morsel of musical delights. Zach hill is a man I’ve been aware of for a little while, thanks to his video for “Green Bricks”. Known mostly for his drumming he’s been a big part of the Thrash/Noise scene in that area.  He ha a new album out soon called “Face Tat” and this is one of the tracks, which seems to remind me a little of Local act DLX/ATX. Love the video for this. That girl has some serious issues, but she could definitely take the girl from the Prodigy’s “Smack my Bitch Up” video and give her a right good kicking before breakfast…

Good Night….

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