Music Moment: Kinit Her “Gratitudes”

12 Oct


Yup that pretty much sums up how i feel right now. In less than 24 hours I’m going to be in some venue…. somewhere in downtown Reykjavik for the Iceland Airwaves Festival! Woot!

I do feel a little trepidation as last year i was called in at the very last moment, given my press pass and with no time to dwell on things, was shoved out into the darkness with an old notebook and a chewed pen. Well a lot has changed since last year. For starters, i have a new notebook! Still the same old pen though. But as i´ve been more aware of taking part this year, and sort of helping in the build up, there’s, i don’t know, a little more pressure to be almost professional in this. i know it will all fly out of the window by Thursday night with some sort of intoxicated fuck up (it almost always does), but hey i want to do right by my creditors so to speak.

So this blog will sorta be running on semi impulse power over the nest few days. I’ll push anything interesting music and word wise about the festival your way, but no real blogging will occur. Damn, it’s really annoying that i can’t have nice things such as iPhones, as this could mean that i could blog on the go and be real hipster and shit.  As it is, i can barely make calls with my current phone. But i stick with it as i always end up breaking or losing anything expensive (I’ve been through TWO cameras and one MP3 player this year already). but i will plough on regardless.

Which lead me to tonight’s bundle of joy that is my music moment. and WHAT a bundle of joy it is too!

I first heard of Kinit Her when Warren Ellis posted a pic of a review for their current album from Wire Magazine. Words such as “Dark”, “Pagan” and “not a good soundtrack for tripping” is like catnip to me. A quick transaction and voila, i had “Divine Names” on my PC. It’s fucking freaky horrifying woodland shit, no mistake. The sort of music that would be conjured if Hansel & Gretel failed to escape the Gingerbread house and instead spent years being physically and sexually degraded by the old witch. Family music you understand.

I played this to a metal/industrial loving friend of mine a few weeks ago, and the look on his face as the music drifted though his earphones suggests i may have irreparably damaged that friendship. See what you think


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