Iceland airwaves ’10: And so it begins…..

13 Oct

Greetings and salutations….

Well i now have my fancy GOLD Airwaves artists/press pass and some free beer in my gullet. I’m at home and the first band is on in 45 minutes and it’s finally dawning on me… SHIT! AIRWAVES IS FINALLY STARTING!

So we met in a nice lovely quiet bar downtown, we received our passes and received our pep talk/stern lecture from Haukur (“be cool. Don’t be an Asshole. No taking drugs and getting blown in an alleyway when you’re supposed to be reviewing. BOB SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Jeez….”) At least i think that’s what he was saying….But i now have my work sorted.

Tonight i am review the bands at CAFE AMSTERDAM!! Err…. yea?

but tomorrow i´m reviewing at NASA. Yes!! this is what i wanted! And Aðalsteinn is coming with me too so i won’t be too lonely. And he will stop me from causing riots and stuff…

If you are out tonight and tomorrow. Come by and say hello…. AND BUY ME A BEER. I KNOW PEOPLE IN THIS TOWN! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MAKE AN ENEMY OF ME! Nah i love you al really…

So it begins. Have fun!

Oh and here is a video from a band i’m reviewing tonight.  “fondu” by Nolo

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