Iceland Airwaves ´10: Review: Faktorý – Friday

16 Oct

Ok here is sort of what happened to me yesterday.

– I went to an interesting little meet that was called the Brunch of Legends where i sat down with Elly Oracle, Mark “Iceblah”  Ollard, Wim Van Hooste and Veerle Vd Broeck. Of course by brunch i mean actually drink a few beers and talk rubbish about Icelandic music. But they were fine people and lovely company.

– Attended a bash held by the fine people at Gogoyoko, which sort of made me late for the Grapevine staff meeting.

– Ate some wonderful plokkfiskur that was created by Aðalsteinn which had the unfortunate side effect of rendering everyone sleepy and heavy-eyed. Not a good sign….

– Went to Faktorý to review the Brainlove records night. Some really good bands, some really awful ones.

– Managed to catch James Blake at Venue. Man he was completely awesome! Also met one of the lovely Men from Mount Kimbie and acted l

– Behaved like a drunken prat and probably pissed a lot of people off….

So all in all it was a quiet day really. But you can read about it here….

Iceland Airwaves ’10: Review: Faktorý – Friday…..


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