Music Moment: Gregor Samsa “Young and Old”

21 Oct


Ok it has been a slightly tougher day than expected down here at the farm. Just felt really drained and suffering from  a bit of teh sads this tea time that i felt the need to take to my bed.  Thank goodness for Mrs Bob (Sigga) to give a decent hug and kiss and say that everything will be ok in the end. Either that or a decent suicide pact alá Mickey & Mallory

I also found myself listening to an album i hadn’t heard for nearly a year. Gregor Samsa are a US band that could be described as Post Rock with bells on. Using dual Harmonies and elements of Shoegazing, it keeps the grand sweeps of Post Rock with the guitar power that gives it some beef at the right moments.

this song is part of a Live album “Over Air” that was recorded in 2008 for a live session on Dutch radio station VPRO as part of their rather very good live collection session. There is a brilliant track called “XXX” but this seals the deal for me. Icelandic wise, it’s a bit like For a Minor Reflection reworked by Barði “Bang Gang ” Jóhansson. So not too shabby then. wish Rökkurró could have balls like this….

Good night….

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