Music Post – Riz Ortolani “Cannibal Holocaust OST”

21 Oct

And we are back on course!

Well it has been a little while since my last music dump so let’s get right onto it.

Now if you were a kid growing up in the 80’s you almost certainly would have heard about the sordid term, “Video Nasty“. This was the name given to a lot of very nasty gory horror films (Some US, but mostly Italian) that were being sold openly on VHS, which in the UK wasn’t properly certified at the time. the main overriding symbol of the Video Nasty genre was the cover of Abel Ferarra’s “Driller Killer” which showed a guy being given forceful trepannings with a black and decker.

And the list contained many classics such as the Evil Dead, Zombi, The Beyond, Tenebrae and The Burning. But the Grandaddy of them all though was Cannibal Holocaust, about a documentary crew who comes a cropper after they piss some Amazonian cannibals. It’s a horrible, vicious slog of a film that has few redeeming features.

Except one. The soundtrack to the film is an acknowledged cult classic. the OST was conducted by one Riz Ortolani, who had provided soundtracks for over 200 hundred movies. This was probably one of the best he did though. It contains the main building blocks of classic late 70’s/early 80’s Italian horror. Wibbling synths, funky guitars and a dollop of smeared cheese. But some of the tracks contain sublime acoustic/string driven melody that’s at odds with the gruesomeness contained in the film. It’s worth noting that a lot of the music contained in this album and other Riz Ortolani work have been sampled heavily by the artists belonging to the new “witch House” Genre. Possibly due to its certain spookiness.

So while you may give the film a miss, try out the music. you will be surprised!

Get “Cannibal Holocaust OST” HERE

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