Free Music Dump! Honest son, it’s totally legit, one careful owner….

22 Oct

As we all know the best things in life are free. I do not know or care who said it, but i know that they are right. How do i know this? Well because of the shit loads of lovely free music that is just waiting to be devoured by you ravenous little harpies. And you are in all in a foul hungry mood i can tell….

And to stop you from eating my cat in revenge, I’m offering as a bit of a peace offering some more free music nubbins that will allow you to stick a single solitary digit at THE MAN (his name is Derek)

Ok first up is Hello Paradise by Celebration. What we have here is a 4 track EP containing some very Raga/sitar infused Psych Rock and soul. Very blissed out and 60’s influenced. There is also a little bit of the Door and Dr Hook in there as well. It’s pretty good, if you’re a fan of Jefferson Airplane and LSD and stuff…


Next on the list is There were Horizons by Patten. Don’t know much about this guy except that he is from the UK, but that does give clues to his sound. Slightly off kilter picked guitar folk pieces that has a slight Hauntological feel to pastoral folk of the late 60’s/ early 70’s where the guitar sound would ever so slightly be manipulated. Either way, it’s rather trippy. Well recommended to relax ones soul….


The next in my little bag of weird delights is The Werewolf EP by Optimist Park. Again i know next to nothing about this person. But the EP is 3 tracks of hollowed out acoustic and Shoegaze pain set to emotive vocals.  Surprisingly good and worth at least a listen….


Last but not least is a very interesting EP that was played on my personal Masseuse Warren Ellis‘ site today. Nema Reve is the latest EP from Thirsting Quench and the Captains of Industry.  If the previous 3 items were a little on the weedy side for you, then this will possibly be more to your liking. The first track especially is a lovely breeze block of guitar sounds. As Warren himself points out. Starts off all Krautrock and Motorik, but then shifts into some good honest post rock blazing. And the other 3 tracks contains some drone rock of the highest order. I urge you to download and enjoy.


Phew! is it over? Alas that is all for this week. But there is MORE than enough for you to go on. Now Shoo! Daddy needs to watch his sports…


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