Music Moment: Seefeel “faults”

22 Oct


Today Sad Bob has been sad. Not sure why. Just essentially feel pretty miserable both physically and spiritually which is pretty bad considering I’m an atheist. It has also meant that trying to write an article tonight came to 600 words of something that if it was a cute, cuddly animal, i would have bludgeoned it to a pulp with a 10lb sleghammer.

hmm perhaps some slightly uplifting music could help. Take this track tonight from Seefeel. you may not have heard of them, but they attracted a bit of a cult following in the mid 90’s with their take on dub, indie rock and motorik electronica. But then they pretty much fell completely off the map after their last album in 1996. that is until a few weeks ago when they released their first new material in 14 year, “Faults”. I recommend that you get hold of a copy as it’s really very good. You can hear that they’ve been listening to the changes in dance music and their album has taken on both an ambient folktronica feel with elements of dubstep and psych pop.

This. the lead track is the best. It’s best to imagine this if Amiina had enlisted a banging dub soundsystem as their new member. Throoooob!



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