Music Moment: Zombie Zombie “Driving this Road until death”

24 Oct


evening there my small fleshy pile of orifices….

I’ve spent the day chillaxing with my lovely wife here, due to the fact that we are both skint and all we have is our scintillating companionship (divorce may soon be pending). Also finished some written work, which shall be edited with a pen knife tomorrow so i will start to resemble a professional again.

And of course I’ve spent the day looking for some freaky scary film clips and stuff on the internets just to freak myself out. It’s just the kinds of waste of matter that i am. But however i did remember to check this out…

ZOMBIE ZOMBIE are a French electro duo of Etienne Jaumet (free-jazz saxophonist, sound engineer, electronic handyman and synth collector) and Cosmic Neman (charismatic drummer and general noisemaker). As well as loving disco and electronic music, they are also massive fans of Horror movies, especially those of John Carpenter. In fact they’ve recently released and album titled Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter”

“Driving this Road until Death” has a bit of a Low rent Chemical brothers and Add N to X feel to it, while still keeping that Krautrock monotonous pulse. But it’s the video that seals it. Basically it’s a very good homage to John Carpenters “The thing” but with  GI Joe action dolls. Creepy, but strangely homoerotic…


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