Scary Shit on a sunday: Better the Devil you know…..

24 Oct


did that scare you? No? well sod you then!

Well it’s a Sunday afternoon and it’s a week in the run up to Halloween, which means that i will be ramping up the scary films and other spooky shit over the next few days. And to start it off, i present another instalment OF SCARY SHIT ON A SUUUUUUUUNDAY! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!…. (ahem)…

Now they say that the devil has all the best tunes. He also has some f the best films as well. If you want to have some decent scares and shrieks, then fuck vampires, you need to go to the daddy, old Lucifer himself. The history of celluloid is littered with Satan trying to bring around the end times, or getting his son to take over the earth, from the likes of The Omen, Rosemarys Baby, Constantine, End of Days, Angel Heart, blah blah to infinity…

but today i´m going to concentrate on two great cult gems. Now my first film has been with me since childhood and after managed to find it on YouTube, was all ready to show it to the world, until that witches coven over at Coilhouse Magazine beat me to it a couple of days ago. Damn them to hell!! But since a lot of you people are completely unaware of them, i shall press on regardless.

My first films is that classic Hammer Horror film, THE DEVIL RIDES OUT.

Made in 1968 and based on Dennis Wheatleys novel, TDRO star Christopher Lee as a man who tries to save his friend, who has come under the influence of a group of sinister devil worshipers (led by Charles Gray). the film ahs our hero trying to protect his friends against increasingly nasty black magic attacks as they try to defeat those horrible devil worshiper.

As with all good hammer horror films, TDRO bleeds menace and drips with the occult. The opening credits for example has menacing music set to bizarre and arcane occult symbols. And while the bad guys are bad, they are nothing against Lee who as Duc de Richleau  shows a brooding darkness and wolf like ruthlessness, similar to his most famous character Dracula. And he’s one of the good guys!

While the accuracy of the films knowledge is debatable, it’s definitely a tense occult horror of the highest order, one that has stuck with me since first watching it as a kid.

The second film moves from 30’s England to the US badlands of the 70’s. And the devil worshippers are not the upper class but a bunch of good ol’ Boys…

For my second film, from 1975, i give you RACE WITH THE DEVIL

It stars Peter Fonda and Warren Oates as a couple of Motocross rider travelling with their partners in an RV across Texas, whereupon the come across a Satanic ritual sacrifice. When they are spotted, they are in a race for their lives as it becomes apparent that there are a network of devil worshippers spread across the small towns along the highway.

You could call this Easy Rider meets Rosemary’s Baby. It’s packed with thrills and tension as it becomes very clear that they cannot trust anyone, even the local law enforcement. Just shows these days you can’t trust anyone, especially if you see them gut another human being in the name of Satan…..

Now excuse me, i’m off to get some chicken blood and the toenails of my enemies, all in the name of Beelzebub

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