Music Moment: Fabio Frizzi “City of the Living Dead OST”

25 Oct


Good evening my mentally deficient denizens…

Not too much happening here on the farm tonight. Pretty dark and cold and a few animal remains keep coming back to life, so i have to take the trusty ol’ pick axe to them to make sure they stay down.

Oh and i finished writing some articles that may (or may not) be used by my lords and master down at the paper mill in a couple of weeks. but let’s hope eh?

so as to tonight’s music and I’m still keeping on with the horror theme with some lovely soundtrack music from, yup you guessed it, the Italian Zombie movie! Fabio Frizzi is an Italian composer who’s best know for collaborating with Director Lucio Fulci on films, such as Zombi 2, Beyond and Cat in the Brain (yes that IS the film title). But i think that the soundtrack to City of the Living Dead was his best stuff. the film itself is a bit of a potboiler, although it contains one of the grossest death scenes I’ve ever witnessed with a machine lathe being taken to a guys head. yummy!

The soundtrack itself is perfect in enhancing the mood. From rising strings ti leaps into a simple piano line with a heart beat bass drum and a kick drum that thumps in every 8 beats or so ensure that it’s tight and tense. And that’s even before the noodling blues guitar can be heard. it then descends into some extreme high pitch strings and synths to denote scenes of violence before a Goblin style ending sequence. Whatever you may think of Italian Horror movies, they certainly know how to use music to get the hair at the back of your neck standing on end….



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