Free Music Special: actually from a band that you’ve heard of this time!!…..

27 Oct

Now as you know, I’m often receiving notification about artists and bands who put their music and EPs up on the interet for free download. And like you i am grateful for their generosity. However, it has to be said that 92% of this free music is unmitigated crap by bands that you have never heard of (mainly because their music IS unmitigated crap…)

But sometimes you get a free nugget of music that is tossed into our greedy little bowls that not pmæy is good to listen to, but is actually produced by a quality band that people have heard of.

A band like White Denim for instance. Most Icelanders will know them for their appearance at Iceland Airwaves in 2008 (don’t quote me on that), and their 2009 “Fits” was fucking excellent and now i feel a need to listen to it again.

But that is until I’ve finished listening to a free album they put on the internet! Last Day of Summer was something that they put together while recording their new album. It’s a collection of odds and sods and songs that have been in their collection since 2006. and, again, it’s available as a free download! And the best bit is, it sounds great. It’s not quite as full on, fuzzed out and noisy as their other sutff, but it’s has a hazy charm of it’s own and it great  mood music and it does grow on you.

If you don’t download this, then you are a complete fuckwit….


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