Music Moment: Bohren Und der club of Gore “Mitleid Lady”

27 Oct


Ok this is a very quick post as I’m off to bed soon (we have a guest for 2 nights, so i can’t be up till all hours perusing Korean action movies involving exploding cats and women with tentacles for arms…)

But i thought I’d give you some REAL downer music to send you off to beddy byes. The nest way to describe BOHREN UND DER CLUB OF GORE would be “Ambient Doom Jazz”. Wow that sounds…. heavy?

Hailing from Germany, the bands members used to be in various hardcore and metal acts before doing a stunning volte face and creating a series of slow, poised ambient pieces that would make David Lynch cream his pants. tonight’s track “Mitleid Lady” is from the same titled 2009 EP. Contains approximately 60% slow jazz with 40% ambient doom, it’s the sort of thing i would expect to hear played over the Tannoy by your evil co-worker while you dock with that creepy abandoned space station where all the crew mysteriously disappeared. Cos, you know, that sort of thing just ain’t funny…


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