Spooky Shit on a Sunday: Don’t go into the house alone….

31 Oct

Well finally Halloween is here. But strangely the mood down at the farm is not particularly spooky. Perhaps this is due to the fact we did the horror stuff last night. Took Sigga to Bío Paradís to watch “The Evil Dead”. We even managed to secure free tickets from a girl whose friends couldn’t attend. And she thought it was boring! Ok, horror movies aren’t really her thing, but she felt it was a bit stupid and even yawned at one moment. The philistine! (although i will admit the element of slapstick in several scenes)

But i will not give up in trying to convince the naysayers that Horror is indeed excellent. so in the last installment of Scary shit on a Sunday, i  shall shed a solitary spotlight on that old spooky theme. THE HAUNTED HOUSE!…… wooo…..

Right first off is a true cult classic. I give you the 1963 film THE HAUNTING. Directed by Robert Wise, the premise is simple. A scientist and a group of volunteers descend upon an old mansion to investigate whether the paranormal exists. While there they uncovers eerie event and sinister sounds. But is it all in their heads, or are they experiencing a real life Haunting?

The Haunting is a classic example of the adage “less is more”. The chills are created with the use of sound and lighting, but we never see any actual real ghosts. they tried to ruin its reputation by remaking it in 1999 with the director of Speed. The fools! Watch this one instead with all the lights off….

Next on our list is a highly underrated horror film that doesn’t get aired often enough. I’m talking about the 1980 horror film THE CHANGELING. It stars George C Scott as a man who moves acorss the US after the death of his wife and child in New York. Renting out an old Mansion in Seattle to start his life again, he finds that the place is haunted by a poltergeist, the spirit of a child. As Scott delves into the mystery of the spirit, eh uncovered a grisly tale of abuse and murder.

Like the Haunting, the Changeling is a film that prefers to keep the spooks unseen . Using no special effects, they use sounds and implied violence and allows the viewer to work things out for themselves.And there are some genuine scares, such as the séance scene. Again a lovely chilling film…

For our final film, it’s time to get some decent monster shock and scares. And I’m going for a superior 80’s B movie that really did freak me out when i was younger. That film is HOUSE. Made in 1986, it about a Vietnam Vet (Played by William Katt) whose son disappears while visiting his Aunt. After his marriage falls apart, he ends up inheriting his Aunts house after she dies. After moving there, he realises that the house infested with ghost and the odd demon who do not want him there. Can he survive what the house throws at him?

OK, while the scares in the first two films are implied, House simply goes for the old “things jumping on you from behind the door” school of scares. But for a low-budget horror, it actually does this really well. when i saw this as a 12-year-old, i remember i couldn’t sleep properly for a few nights. Yes i was a bit of a sensitive child in those days.

so with these 3 films, i will send you off to have a lovely Halloween evening. Try not to have nightmares…..

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