Music Moment: Chelsea Wolfe “Tracks (Tall Bodies) & Demons”

01 Nov


I think I’m just going on cruise control tonight and let this music piece speak for itself. If Lady Gaga can be considered a game changer for Pop music, then the same can be said for Zola Jesus and alternative music. Her operatic banshee vocal style and striking nu-goth look and sound has meant that doomy, cold, edgy music is in at the moment. And i for one am glad of this. Especially is it means that we get to hear more female artists such as CHELSEA WOLFE

A resident of LA (where Zola also currently resides), Chelsea Wolfe doesn’t quite do the full gothic synth freakout thing, but is still an adherent of unsettling and dark occultist imagery  (i mean, check out those eyes!).  I bought her “Advice and Vices” single from earlier this year, but that was a taster to her current (10 track!) EP “Ἀποκάλυψις” (which thankfully is also known as “The Apocalypse”) which goes instead goes for the guttural desert-shaman rock that is more PJ Harvey and Nick Cave than Siouxsie. But god damn it sounds brilliant and gloomy. In fact i couldn’t decide on what to play, so i’m actually giving you two tracks this evening. Aren’t i a generous fellow?

This is what you should be listening to on a winter’s evening. In fact buy the whole damn thing here if you want. Her debut album “The Grime and the Glow” should be out very soon, so i’m going to have to keep some moneyz by for that one. I don’t really need food anyway…


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