Music Moment: Mira Calix w/ Oliver Coates “In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country”

02 Nov

And Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaax…..

Oh haiz! Sorry i haven’t been up to much on here tonight. Was busy doing some stuff that i promised i would finished and send by tonight. But it is now all done as i relax with a cup of tea and a freshly castrated kitty on my lap as i choose some music to RELAX too.

Now if you want to relax, then this may help people who have serious anger issues. It was WARP Records 20th anniversary last year, and to celebrate they did a massive (ok a fucking massive) 10 disc box set that was pretty much the definitive word on the history of the label. Part of said box set was “Recreated”, a double CD where WARP acts covered other label artists songs.

One such track was Board of Canada’s “In a Beautiful place out in the country”, reowrked by MIRA CALIX AND OLIVER COATES. Mira is known for her glitchy folktronica, while Oliver is a fair dab hand with the old electroacoustic Cello. Together they strip out BoC’s cold ambient soul and replace it with am autumnal forest feel with just a smidgen of a click track and sampled voices.. Sounds rather familiar to something a certain Mr Ó. Arnalds would produce. but who’s keeping score eh?


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