Music Dump Special: Ja Ja Deutschland calling!!

03 Nov

Schnell Schnell Kartoffelkopf!!

For this weeks music dump, I’m going all Nietzsche and Lederhosen on your asses as i pillage from the land of Beer and National Socialism. This is because last weekend saw the final days of being a Reykjavik Grapevine intern for one Wiebke Wolter (or Wiebke Wonder as we all love to call her). In her short time manning the desks of Iceland’s answer to the National Enquirer, she has been a lovely presence, getting to travel the country and even meeting the likes of Jim Jarmusch among her noted successes.

thankfully she will be returning after the new year. But in honour of her time here, Wiebke i give you some top-notch Deutsche tunes!

First up is UFO by spunky Hamburg trio 1000 ROBOTA. As you can tell from the lack of manly facial hair they are a very young bunch of lads, especially the one on the left (i don’t think any of them are 20 yet either). They do though make some lovely music that veers between minimalist guitar pop tunes and scratchy post punk scythings. and there is lots of shouting and singing in German which to an ignorant slob like me almost passes as exotic. For Icelanders they are pretty much a Teutonic version of Jakobinarina, but without the crappy surf tunes.

You can try UFO HERE

My second Bavarian offering is Porzellan by sturdy tyros FOTOS. Although relatively unknown outside Germany, they’re quite well know in the fatherland. Porzellan is their third album and in this one they have a mix of dream pop, indie goth rock (think a bit like Editors, but obviously a lot better due to the German lyrics) and anthemic acoustic gospel numbers. Their signature tune “Porzellan” sounds a dead ringer for Blurs “Tender”. But overall not a bad little number.

Try Porzellan HERE

That’s it for another week mein little Herrs and Fräuleins. Try not to get too excited and i may have something nice for you next week.

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