Music Moment: Black Devil “Disco Club”

04 Nov


Again, just when i think i may have a grasp on what music is about, it turns into that chicken from the first Rocky movie and it becomes like the wind, is twice as difficult to catch and makes me go “woooooah!”….

I’ve been aware for a while about a certain character named Bernard Fevre. He’s this cool French dude that released a lot of weird, confusing and wonder electronic music in the 70’s loved by a lot of Hauntology nuts out there (including myself). but what i didn’t know (until this weekend) was that he had a much groovier alter ego known as BLACK DEVIL. Under this moniker, Bernard released some incredibly intense, years ahead of its time disco that has been copied relentlessly by the likes of Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem and The Chemical Brothers (who in fact have sampled a lot of his tunes).

His debut album “Disco Club” was released way back in 1978 and was completely analogue, using synths, a drummer and the odd tape loop. The album is out of print and is now a massively rare masterpiece. Bernard kicked started Black Devil again in 2006, this time named Black Devil Disco Club. But those early records just sound so far from what everyone else was doing and still sounds so good 30 years later, i wonder why we just didn’t put a closed sign on the 20th Century in 1980 and just go out to play.

Goddamn those French!


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