The Sunday Movie Apocalypse! “1984”

07 Nov

Afternoon mindless drones. Are you ready for your weekly two-minute hate moment? then let us begin….

Now that the silliness of all that Halloween horror has subsided , we can now get back to the glorification of the destruction of society and civilisation as we know it. Yes it’s time again for THE SUNDAY MOVIE APOCALYPSE!

And This week, we have a heartachingly bleak and despondent film that, if you weren’t thinking of slitting your writs before watching this, it will most certainly will afterwards. Oh yes, it’s time for 1984!

If there is anyone out there who is intellectually bereft and only reads Twilight novels, then let me give you a quick synopsis. Based on the Famous George Orwell novel, 1984  is set in a future world that is ruled completely by totalitarian dictatorships where war is constant and every thought, word and deed is monitored and controlled. In this hell lies one Winston Smith (John Hurt), who starts to slowly rebel against this system by committing thoughtcrimes and keeping a diary. He meets another kindred soul named Julia and together they start an affair. But they are found out and tortured by a man named O’Brien (Richard Burton in his last film role). And that’s the film in a nutshell.

to say that this film is bleak is to say that bears shit in the woods and an Icelanders word is his bond. I certainly hope i never find myself in they type of horrid post apocalyptic wasteland (that suspiciously looks like London docklands in the early 80’s) that’s portrayed here. The whole film seems to have a pervading air of despairing nihilism that certainly made me feel rather depressed after watching it. And that was even after knowing what happens to the lead characters at the end of the film.

So i heartily recommend that you watch this film, if only to have a good excuse to curl up in a darkened corner with a bottle of whisky and slowly cry yourself into a drunken stupor. Fun times!!

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