Music Moments: Igor Wakhevitch, “HATHOR”

08 Nov


I’ve been bored and miserable today. Laid low with this crappy bug and a cat that seems to think that it’s a human that enjoys tea (the little fucker drinks from my cup when my back is turned….). But i have managed to do some writing today with a couple of columns on first draft. This will mean I’ll read it, have some form of existential crisis as to their lack of quality, and then get drunk over the weekend and completely re-write them. It’s a failsafe technique i tell you…

Also had a little look through my soundtrack music collection and i found something i hadn’t heard in a long time. I was pointed in the direction of IGOR WAKHEVITCH by an online friend, Alex Vagenas, who is my go-to guy for all things bizarre and left field music wise. Wakhevitch was a rather obscure French avant-garde composer who created a slew of innovative, outlandish electronic scores in the 70’s that incorporated synthesizers, and looping techniques with modern operatic instruments and choirs. His soundtrack to a  to a 1971 Avignon festival production of Doctor Faust is now considered a bit of a cult classic.

This was evident in his 1974 album HATHOR, which has this proto-industrial, space rock opera feel to it, like Throbbing Gristle or Vangelis on really bad drugs. Contains lots of menacing medieval hymn synth lines, rhythmic mantras, gothic choirs and a booming God-Like monologues (who would have thought that God was French eh?). The best examples of this are found in the following tracks,”Hymne a sathanael (aimantation des forces)” and “Rituel De Guerre Des Esprits De La Terre”. Both are waaaay out there and years ahead of their time. Essential listening.

Sacre Bleu!



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