Links: the Icelandic Music Mafia

09 Nov

This man is dangerous and should be tasered on sight….

Now one of the little moments that i enjoyed at this years Iceland Airwaves, was the so-called “Brunch Of Legends “(i.e. bit of a piss up). It was a great chance to meet some music bloggers that i had  spoken to a lot online, but had yet to meet in the flesh.

One of these guys was a certain Mr Wim Van Hooste. Wim you may know is known for running the well-known blog site I ♥ Icelandic Music. You will be pleased dear readers to know that he is indeed a very knowledgeable (obsessive is such a dirty word) man about Icelandic music. He certainly put us all to shame. But he talked about how it wasn’t true that he liked all Icelandic music  as there were some bands he really hated! (it was heartening to realise that we both hated pretty much the same bands) He also told us that he felt that the blog had run its course and that he had fallen out with members of Iceland Airwaves over tickets or something like that.

So he beckoned us all closer and said “I’m shutting down the blog”. There were cries of “No!”, “Why??” and “Can i get another beer please?”. But he smiled and said not to worry as there was going to be something new rising from the ashes, something new, improved, better.

Well a couple of weeks later we now know what he was talking about. Wim has now created not one but TWO  new blogs!

The first blog is the rather brilliantly titled ICELANDIC MUSIC MAFIA (Damn wish i came up with that domain). While there are certain similarities to his previous blog (he is keeping the song of the week apparently) , IMM will be more judicious in the bands he posts about. In other words, Wim will posting Iceland music he actually likes! And good for him i say.

The second blog he has made is the ICELANDIC MUSIC MUSEUM. This blog will be centered around old, obscure and hard to find slivers of Icelandic music that would have previously been lost to ether. So far this blog is a little slow off the ground, but knowing Wim, he will be stuffing it full of posts from his little treasure box of Icelandic music morsels.

And as a taster, this is some of the nuggets he has already posted so far. Enjoy…..


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2 responses to “Links: the Icelandic Music Mafia

  1. wimvanhooste

    November 10, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Thanks for the support. I like the title of your blog too!
    Icelandic economy & banks are/were ruled by the Icelandic maf(f)ia, the Icelandic music scene has its own cosa nostra. Some bands don’t play airwaves (only off-venue), although they have made nice CD’s in the past. Other bands can play 2 gigs @ Airwaves.
    For my “museum” (virtual & real) I hope to get some material of bands or fans.

  2. Professor Batty

    November 11, 2010 at 2:51 am

    Wim is a great guy, and I’m not just saying that because he gave me a shirt!


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