Music Moment: Elekseveneks “Other Side”

09 Nov


I’ve listened to far too much polished nu-yankee indie music today. So tonight I’ve been reading Grant Morrison comics while listening to hauntology and witch house music to get the inner paranoid going in my Id.  And here is a likely candidate for Witch House track of the day “Other Side” by ELEKSEVENEKS. Lets see….

Does it have slow throbbing drone-y bass beats? Yes!

Does it have hyper-echoed female vocals that don’t real sing any words? You Betcha!

Does it have overly simplistic plastic hi-hat beats as a counter to the woozy bass? Most definitely!

Doe the video contain disturbing warped images from battered old 3o-times-copied-over VHS editions of 70’s Mondo exploitation/horror movies. Does a bear shit in the woods?

Would watching this video while high on Ketamine, and having a baby crying in pain in the background be the only way this could be even more disturbed? I suppose so…..

If you do like what you hear, then this album and all their available back catalogue is free to download at their Bandcamp. Creepy fucks……


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