Music Moment: Kraftwerk, “Köln II”

10 Nov

Ok no preamble as i’m off to bed. you’ll have to get your bedtime story of woe somewhere else…

But first your evenings lullaby. And this has been pinging around my RSS reader for a few days now. It would seem a big waste not to share it with you…

Now we all know Kraftwerk are better known these days for their groundbreaking electronic music and pioneering techniques that influenced everything from synth pop to techno yadda, yadda. But you also need to remember that they started off  with very Organic Krautrock roots.

Back in the very early days of Kraftwerk (1970-73), it was more like a collective than a solid group. Indeed in 1971 there was a brief, interesting incarnation when founder member Ralf Hütter left to go and study at university and Florian Schneider-Esleben was joined by Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger, both of whom would go on and form that other Krautrock Power house Neu! In their short time they created a live performance for German TV of their song “Köln II”, consider by Krautrock nuts to be one fo the best live recordings from that time.

Hearing this, you can sense that even back then they were trying to find ways to break out from the confines of their instruments at the time, something they managed to do several years later….


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