Music Moment: Berto Pisano “A blue shadow”

11 Nov

Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit…..

Well that was a pretty crappy night. Oh it was all going swimmingly, until our entire kitchen sink decided to blow up on us, by first getting clogged up and then springing a massive fuck-off leak. Damn. At least the plumper is supposed to be coming along tomorrow…

And right now i feel the need for some sombre music. And the people who are best at sombre music are Italian film composers from the 1970’s. It’s true! They’ve even managed to work it out in labs and all other types of experimental shit.

And this one is especially sad and maudlin. Berto Pisano? I know next to fuck all about the guy, but he was very creative in the ’70s when making a whole slew of pure sleaze gold for Italian movies and TV series. Even made some soundtracks for a few Klaus Kinski thrillers. Having listened to some fo his stuff, i think he is one of the quintessential “underrated”  Italian movie composers of the time.

And this track is especially lovely. “A Blue Shadow” is the title track for TV movie soundtrack of the same name he did in 1971. It’s all weeping brass and nice melodic arrangement. There are actually a few version of this on YouTube, but i actually like this “dirty” version with all the cracks, scratches and hiss that comes from ripping a copy off of vinyl. Has a hauntological feel of eavesdropping into another time and place.


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