Music Moment – Ga’an, “Servant Eye”

12 Nov


How are we all this evening? Chillaxin’ and getting ready to go out no doubt. Well good for you. Alas for myself, i am stony broke and this situation will likely not change for the next 2 weeks. Oh well, this means i have time to finish some writing. Got a column article finished today but need to chop off about 50 words to make it suitable, but no biggie. And then i can spend tomorrow afternoon being a complete slob by drinking tea and watching rugby.

I’ve also had a chance to catch up on digesting the gargantuan amounts of music that spew in your face from teh netz. Some very interesting little nuggets out there if you look hard enough. In particular i have a special website that allows me to link to a lot of music that gets posted online. and today it threw out this rather nice little gem.

GA’AN (yes that is their name) are a group from Chicago, but you can tell they so want to come from Italy or Germany in the 70’s. that’s because their music is so steeped in krautrock and Italian Prog, that if you tipped them upside down and shook them really hard, the entire goblin back catalogue would fall out from their pockets.

Take tonight’s track “Servant Eye”. You can so hear the sounds of the likes of Popol Vuh, Magma, Tangerine Dream and other ’70s prog mercenaries, that I’m sure they could sue for plagiarism. Yet it all still sounds rather beguiling and attention grabbing, as they have definitely learned to take the best bits for each influence (Goblins drumming and rhythms, Popol Vuh’s Mellotron, lots of Gregorian-like groans and chants) and make it something that doesn’t force you to roll your eyes in contempt. Can we call this Nu-prog?

Oh, and if you like this track, then the whole album is available as a free download via the Records on Rib label. Just go HERE and get it ok?



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2 responses to “Music Moment – Ga’an, “Servant Eye”

  1. Torstensen

    November 13, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    The real myspace page for Ga’an is , not (which is run by a former member of the band).

    • bobcluness

      November 13, 2010 at 11:54 pm

      No worries. Link is now changed. Keep up the good work!


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