Free Music Madness: See “The Mans” Milkshake? We drink it all up…

13 Nov

Afternoon there my little nanobots of twisted perversion.

right now I’m being antisocial and it’s cold outside, so I’m watching sports. Also can’t seem to type properly as this may be due to cold hands or the onset of arthritis. Either way my hands feel like they been grafted on by a diabolically insane doctor.

But i feel that my karma needs a little boost. And one of the best karma boosters out there is to give away something for free. Yup you know what that means… FUCKING FREE MUSIC!! Woo woo time for all you tight-fisted bludgers. So let’s get the sonic deluge underway shall we?

Ok first of here is a little message i received from the last free music dump i posted….

hi! My name’s Jeremy Mullins. I just wanted to say thanks for putting my music up on your great site. I really appreciate the exposure! This is actually my solo musical venture. I am actually part of a band called Kiss Kiss Fantastic ( and we both have albums coming out pretty soon, so if you’d like I’ll drop you a line whenever they come out.

Jeremy Mullins

aka Optimist Park

Wow! Someone at last acknowledges the brilliance that is Reykjavik Sex Farm! And about bloody time as well. He said that he would let me know whenever there were any new releases ready. And lo and behold we have a new release from the lovely Shoewgaze Goth that is Optimist Park! “The Batholith” is a single pulled from his up and coming album “Mount St Helens”. I think it sounds great. And that’s all that matters….

Next up is “untitled” by Vortex Rikers (who actually comes up with these names?). I think he’s a solo artist from Denmark (and i only guess this because of the DE mark on his location on MySpace). What this guy does is moody downtempo electronica. He uses the phrase “witch house” but it feel a bit too clean and clinical for that really. Reminds me a little of the Icelandic outfit Worm is green. But whatever, have a listen and see what you think….

Ok time for a slight change in mood now as we go all indie shoegaze (again). This time it’s “Tulpa” by Goatface. Hailing from Georgia, USA, they conduct strand electric ambient guitar sounds and pulses it up a bit with early 80’s new age psychedelia so it all ends up a bit like the Cocteau Twins on a massive creatine binge. But it still retains a bright breezy summer lightness to it all.


Ok finally we have something that completely brutalises the previous 3 additions and makes them its bitches. Radical Matters is an independent label that produces some wonderfully malignant, crushing music. I totally recommend that you go and visit them as  they also tend to release a lot of its web music for free as well. It’s latest release is a split between French doom meisters, The Austrasian Goat and Oregon livestock botherers, L’Acephale, which was actually released last year, but is now available to download for free from their site. Both acts produce strange, bastardised versions of black metal. The Austrasian Goat produces a doom heavy style that sounds like a holocaust wind crashing through your bones. L’Acephale meanwhile, adds more of an occultist folk flavour to its brazilian corpse paint. Now this is truly harrowing winter music to slaughter sheep to….

No embedded player, but you can download the split HERE.

RIGHT! that’s all your getting from me this time. Now… FUCK OFF!!!

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