Music Moment: Ensemble Economique “Hail”

14 Nov


I think i need to really do something about this rather prolonged bout of anti social behaviour i seem to be succumbing to. I know I’m skint, but seriously man, i need to get out there and see people again. there is noexcuse to just wallow in my own filth at home and trawling the netzzz watching Adam Curtis documentaries and bizarre videos of obscure Cornish folktales and songs. This is a sure sign of either enlightenment or obtuse madness. I totally prefer the former. At least i managed to get some article finished and sent of to my Editor/Conscience/Possible construct of my imagination Haukur, so it hasn’t been completely wasted.

And there have been a few good musical discoveries I’ve encountered this weekend. One of them is tonights music moment offering, which comes courtesy of The Outer Church over at the Found Objects blog.

Despite the French name Ensemble Economique is really the solo pseudonym of a Brian Pyle, a Californian who is one half of experimental freak folk maestros Starving Weirdos. The track “Hail” comes from his recent third album “Psychical”, which is chock full of numerous shamanic chants, chilling ambient drones and has a deep movie soundtrack feel, possibly for a horror directed by Werner Herzog or David Fincher or something. But either ways, i do love his modern take on ’70s voodoo inspired horror prog….


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