Music Moment: PS I Love You, “2012”

15 Nov

oOOOoooo woahwoahwoah….

Evening there, bags of mostly water……

Strangely enough I’ve been feeling a little chipper today. No reason, just woke up and felt in a playful mood. This meant trolling the Grapevine Facebook comments and taking the piss out of work colleague sand Sigga, to whom i explained the rather fetishistic delights of Space Docking and Hotsocking (find out for yourselves. that’s what the internet is for!) Needless to say that the bedroom door is now locked.

So I’ve managed to get some shit done today writing-wise and made sure the cat got his shots so now he can go outside and not spend his waking hours terrorising Siggas ankles with his version of asymmetrical warfare. I’ve also had the chance to have a look at what I’ve been listening today, so i could decide what i was going to assault your eardrums with.

Now i was going to give you some avant garde post punk from 1978, but actually I’m going to give you some up to date rocking indie instead, as I’ve been listening to this band quite a lot over the last two weeks. PS I LOVE YOU are a Canadian duo that could be considered the Canadian version of Japandroids. Except they are more melodic and not quite as heavy. Like most good duos, when i actually found out this fact i was rather amazed, considering that they create such a full sound on such meagre resources. As one comment on YouTube said, “sounds a lot like Wolf Parade”, which means that they definitely sound like Icelandic band Who Knew? Well if Who Knew? upped their rock quotient by a factor of 6.74.

Tonight’s track “2012”, is one of the signature tunes from their current album “Meet me at Muster Station”, and is quite a tight little belter.


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