Music Dump – Grimes, “Halifaxa”

16 Nov

sometimes when you are in a bad or sad mood, there are some things guaranteed to get you going and connecting with the human race again. Perhaps it’s antidepressants, possibly alcohol and a good movie, it could even be pure unadulterated violence against a random stranger. For me it’s music, especially if it’s music i can spread across da netz to other poor suckers like myself who wear hessian sacks and eat dirt for dinner.

And for this weeks music dump, i offer a rather splendidly spiffing album that’s also legally free (you can donate as well if you want…)

Despite the plebian sounding name GRIMES is anything but. The moniker for Canadian solo artist Claire Boucher. Using only a laptop and some effects, she creates a sound that is the textbook definition of “ethereal”. HALIFAXA is her second full release and it certainly is not shy in both its talents and its influences. Poppy synth lines are passed through gauzy filters and off kilter minimal beats to resemble the post -punk/synth Pop of the early 80’s, or more recently The Knife and Blackbird Blackbird . But it’s the use of voices and vocals that are the real winner here. Boucher uses a wide variety of vocal styles from low monotone to rising operatic to create of truly haunting aesthetic . At one point it even resembled the operatic arias that used to accompany those famous British Airwaves TV Adverts from the ’80s. Similarities abound from Zola Jesus and the Cocteau Twins to Bat for Lashes (and therefore Kate Bush) and early Danielle Dax.

And it’s this forcing together of melodic pop and goth diva vocals that makes it a VERY good listen. But why are you reading this hipster wanker jerk off of a review, when you can hear it yourself….

If you like what you hear, then you can go HERE to the label website and download for free (with the option of a suggested donation).



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