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18 Nov

Like most people I’m always on the lookout for interesting things to read and digest in the realms of music. So when i perused my Facebook news feed earlier this week, i noticed a link towards a lovely little music blog titled HALIFAX COLLECT. Then imagine my shame as i realised that not only was this blog written by someone i knew, but it had been going for nearly two years before i managed to stumble upon it. Well done Cluness, always keeping your finger on the musical pulse.

But let’s not get into that. Halifax Collect is the brainchild of one Birkir Fjalar Viðarsson, who is a bit of a legend in these parts, such as being a member of metal legends I Adapt for one thing. He also writes for that gutterpress press hovel, The Reykjavik Grapevine (wait a minute…), and is one of our well informed metal/hardcore experts. Currently he’s studying in Halifax, Canada right now. But depsite the distance, he still manages time to produce copy and run this blog.

Halifax Collect is a rundown of (but not soley confined to) the Rock/Metal/hardcore scene in Iceland and beyond. Mucho reviews, in-depth interviews and (here’s the best bit) some occasional downloads of music that will make your anus bleed with joy. He also gets a raft of other people to write on his ruthless whim, including the likes of Kolbeinn Þór Þorgeirsson (who used to be in another local band, Fighting Shit, with a certain Ólafur Arnalds).

Indeed after giving him props for producing such a lovely little blog, Birkir sent me a mental piece of black metal by a bunch of depraved Finns called JUMALHÄMÄRÄ who sounded a bit like early Sólstafir, but with a bit more blood in its mouth. Thank you Birkir, you’re a scholar and a gentleman!

So if you are at all interested in Iceland’s metal/hardcore scene, or if you fancy some decent writing about angry alienated men who decided to form bands so they could fuck ugly women, then please got over to Halifax Collect…



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One response to “Links: Halifax Collect

  1. Halifax Collect

    November 19, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    Thank you so much. This makes me extremely happy. Have a fantastic weekend.


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