Free Music Dump: Now with 50% less saturated fats than the leading competitors…

19 Nov

Even though Christmas is over a month away, I’m already looking to get my big red costume on, break into your house while you sleep and eat your food and sniff your underwear. And for all this, in return i will make a little dump at the end of your bed…. in the form of free music! Yup I’ve got so much free music, it’s literally fraying my subconscious right now…

So what do i have on offer for you this week? well some frazzled trip-folk, some weird old british electronic music, and some harrowing dark ambient of the pitiless kind.

First up is “Arts and Crafts” by Bristol Folk Core trippers LITTLE SCRATCH. This is a mini LP that contains lovely folk melodies tinged with scratchy electronic white noise skulking in the background. And just to ensure that you are in now doubt that they are “out there”, there is a bit of Jodorowsky in the blurb…

We all dreamed of womb-ships, antechambers for birth into other dimensions; we dreamed of whore-ships driven by the semen of our passionate ejaculations. The invincible and castrating rocket carrying our vengeance to the icy heart of a treacherous sun; humming-bird ornithopters which fly us to sip the ancient nectar of the dwarf stars giving us the juice of eternity. Yes! But far more than that: angelic splendour! etc, etc….

This is utterly charming and a great treat for people who want something a little unsettling in their lives…

Nest up is a groovy little nugget from retro electronics group  HONG KONG IN THE ’60s.  “Places” is a 6 track EP that contains retro electronics and library music snippets in the best hauntological traditions. The EP also includes a remix from well-known Ghost Box aficionados the Advisory Circle. download if you have any interest in the interesting sounds of yesteryear…

Our next piece is a new release from my favourite glitchy ambient rustlers RxRy. This album titled “Ω M E G A” contains all the classic RxRy sounds of ambient synth loop ooze, warm organic whispering and skittering, clicking beats . Like an electronic ghost box noise generator acquiring sentience, this is must if you have any interest at all in electronic music.

If you like what you hear, download from HERE

finally in our line up, we have some music to chill the soul for these cold nights. REICHSTAGE is a Chilean solo artist formerly known as Reichstag Motel. His Self titled Album contains several tracks of long, heavy dark ambient sounds and distorted instruments that brings to mind abandoned steel factories in Belarus or old caves in the Cambodian rainforest. Perfect Make out music, if you fancy a little something to traumatise your loved one into complete and utter obedience…

Jesus I’m knackered after all that music! I think i need to lie down with a cold compress and a bottle of Christmas beer for my troubles. Now go away! Shoo the lot of you!


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