Music Moment: Jan Bang “Passport Control”

21 Nov


I Love Sundays. It’s the chance to decompress and lets your brain stretch out and untangle the mental lint that has collected in your frontal lobe. For me it’s meant spending the day cleaning the flat, reading Kurt Buseiks “Astro City”, finishing and posting some Grapevine copy, looking into old films from the BFI collection on YouTube, and then watching several episodes of Adam Curtis’ “The Century of the self” all over again. And amongst all that, i came across this little treasure while excavating the remains of Livejournal…

JAN BANG is a Norwegian electronica DJ, musician & Producer who was a bit prolific in creating synth pop tunes in the ’90s. Then all went quiet until this year when he released “…And Poppies From Kandahar” on David Slyvian’s record label, Samadisound.

The album is a chimera patchwork of scraps of jazz, electronica, world music and ambient sounds, held together with stings of muted noise. The first thing i noticed was the way he loves to wallow in the silence that exists between the melodic phrases to the extent that I kept checking my mp3 player hadn’t frozen on me.

You may recognise and compare tonight’s track to the likes of  Eno, Demdike Stare (for the collage efforts) and Boren and Der Club of Gore (for the doom lounge Jazz). Spacious and moody, just the way i like my midnight listening for truckers…


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