Music Moment: Neurosis, “Saturday Night Holocaust”

23 Nov


Damn. It always seems to be the case that you spend ages trying to set up a nice little YouTube video of a song that you hold a lot of affection for (and especially since the last time you tried to find it, you couldn’t see it) only to find that someone has done it already to save you the trouble. If only i found this out 3 bloody hours ago…

No matter. Well there are covers. Then there are good covers. Then there is possibly one of the best cover songs done between two of the best bands ever (Neurosis, The Dead Kennedys) on one of the best compilation albums ever produced (Virus 100). So a rather understated song you’d agree. I still think that this is one of the best songs that Neurosis ever did. It completely melted by fear centres when i listened to it as 16-year-old for the first time.

I am that serious. And no, i am not on Meth.


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