Video Dump: Klaxons “Twin Flames”

23 Nov

Just had this dumped on my music RSS feeder like a little present from a feral kitten. The video to  “Twin Flames”, the new single from KLAXONS and from their second album “Surfing the Void”.

I’d listened to surfing the void and found it a bit “meh”, but after seeing this video, i think i may need to go back and listen to it again. Directed by Saam Farahmand, it starts of with the band members surrounded by a group of geeky hipster girls. Then it all starts going a bit Chapman Brothers as everyone starts to bump uglies and bodies start to meld and fuse. In the end it resembles a mix of the Human Centipede and the bodymass climax scene from Brian Yuzna’s film, “Society“.

Despite the obvious body horror look to it, the ickiest part is near the beginning when the girls release what looks like a huge wads of spit into the band members mouths. Ewwwww! I think they need to be tested after this video shoot. Also, after a few views i see that none of the band members are fusing with each other. Come on guys! If you are going to delve into the transgressive pleasure of the flesh, then at least go the whole hog and partake in some itner-band love!

(ok the disclaimer. Rather NFSW due to lovely lady and man boobies, plus the sight of several limbs coming out of anuses, heads and vaginas…)

[Vimeo =

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