Music Dump: Demdike Stare “Voices of Dust”

24 Nov

One of my musical highlights of the year has been the steady stream of intense listening experiences afforded to my good self by those rather nasty, swarthy Lancastrian electronic pioneers DEMDIKE STARE. So far we’ve had the first two parts of their ghost dub trilogy in “Forest of Evil” and “Liberation through Hearing” as well as their off-world serotonin draining mix, “Industrial Desert”.

Now the final part of their trilogy is upon us. “Voices of Dust” is now out on Soundcloud, as well as all good online music retailers. I’ve been listening to it over the last couple of days and it’s wonderfully bleak stuff. Brings to mind images of Burrows “interzone” with ghosts of THC drenched Tangiers in the 60’s before lowering us into mulchy organic drones and goo of a broken TRON world. Although they now get pretty tetchy if you describe them as “Hauntological”, they can’t deny their music brings blends together remnants of olde england paganism with inter-dimensional industrial zones. Apparently…

I’m now in the position where i am patiently waiting till i get paid so i can buy this (as well as several other albums on Siggas credit card…). But until then, I’m turning off the lights and bolting up the doors so the humanoid insects can’t get at my oversized pituitary gland. If they try…. I HAVE FIRE!!

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