Music Moment: Light Asylum “Dark Allies”

24 Nov


Good evening there munchkins. Well it most certainly is the calm before the storm as I’ve spent this evening ripping and cataloging a slew of new Icelandic music CDs to review, and i think they may be needed by next week. Hence the slight squeak of pressure as my little bumhole involuntarily clenched. And i may have to do a live review on top of that. Does dis means i iz a profesionalz naow? Probably not.

But all that can be worried about tomorrow. Tonight is for dancing. Alone in the flat naked. And not too loudly as to disturb our kindly neighbours downstairs (who may or may not be Cthulhu sex cultists, I’m not really sure…). Some people say i don’t like pop music, that i’m just into obscure hipster shit that only a total dickhead would like. and I’d say that they are  totally right on the latter point. But i like to think i am a connoisseur of GOOD music in all its forms and this includes pop music.

Take tonight’s track, “Dark Allies” by New York electro glitter terrorists LIGHT ASYLUM. The song is a simple, direct blast of neon and dark wave but the feeling is fierce to the factor of Grrr, which you can hear through the powerful vocals of singer Shannon Funchess. In my mind this is real pop music, proper like. And not a single autotuned funshop dickhead in sight. Ahhh…


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