Music Moment: Coil, “Dark River”

25 Nov


Evening there sex farm fans. well if you have decent interest in music, and access to an internet connection, then you will have head the news today of the death of Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson at the age of just 55. (shit that’s really young!). A founding member of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV and Coil as well as a producer, artist and filmmaker. the man was often well ahead of his time and was a serious game changer in electronic and avant-garde music. This piece in the Guardian puts him into context a lot better than i could.

And there are a lot of people tonight who are posting their favourite Christopherson tracks, whether it’s “United” from his TG days, or a track from their definitive drone album, “Time Machines”. But tonight I’m going for something a little different. While he was known for producing upsetting grinding noises and shock inducing audio-visual effects, it needs to be said that he was able to create sublime pieces of melody when the mood took him. And this track from Coils 1991 album, “Loves Secret Domain”, is both stark, eerie and beautiful in equal measures. Damn this sucks.


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