Music Moment: Bruce Springsteen, “Atlantic City”

28 Nov


Well hello there spacker- ppl!!

so basically the day has been spent being a domesticated polyp, writing up articles while the cat keeps sticking its paws in my face going “LOOK AT ME! LOOK YOU FUCKER!”. Luckily i have 1 live and 3 album reviews done at first draft and will spend tomorrow undertaking a weapons grade editing process to ensure that our humble editor doesn’t break down and cry when he reads it.

And part of my listening over the last few days has been a very well-known icelandic artist who models himself on serious songwriters such as tonight’s act, Mr BRUCE “BRUCIE” SPRINGSTEEN. Now for a long period of time, I’d never really been a big fan of the Boss’ music. I was like many hipster snarkers in the 90’s going “oh he’s such a yank rock dinosaur like the rest of them. BOOOORING!”. but of course i knew shit about music then (And still know shit now to be honest).

And while i still find his stuff patchy, i do find some of his stuff to be truly beautiful. Stuff such as his 1982 album, Nebraska. You know the story. At the height of his rock positivity, Springsteen releases an album of sparse acoustic,  pessimistic blue-collar songs, the complete opposite of his earlier stuff. He didn’t tour to promote it and it didn’t sell well at the time, but went on to become one his most highly regarded albums. And tonight’s track “Atlantic City” is IMHO the best track on it. A very simple clear melody and lovely bitter sweet lyrics. If only Icelandic troubadours did more songs like this….



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