The Sunday Movie Apocalypse! “Damnation Alley (1977)”

28 Nov

Good afternoon  my hideous malformed experiments in human DNA manipulation.

Damn it’s so cold in our flat today, i swear that we must be experiencing the effects of a nuclear winter from another dimension. I’ve started chipping off my toes and sucking on them as frozen meatsicles (for the extra protein of course). Of course this has meant that I’m wrapped up in several layers of ragged clothing so i now resemble a bit part player from “threads”. And this has meant that i’m now in the perfect mood and have achieved the set up to present this weeks SUNDAY MOVIE APOCALYPSE!

And this week, we are taking a trip to the barren wastelands in the form of 1977’s DAMNATION ALLEY.

Based on the short story by Roger Zelazny, Damnation Alley tells of a world destroyed by Nuclear War several decades ago. Most of the USA has been transformed into irradiated desert populated by flesh-eating insects and killer mutant hillbillies, while 500mph windstorms destroy anything in their path. Into the hell hole a bunch of survivors travel across  “Damnation Alley” from LA to Boston to deliver a batch of plague vaccinations.

Now this film is not the best out there. It is pure B-Grade disaterploitation cheese with such luminaries as Jan-Michael “Airwolf” Vincent and George “A-Team” Peppard. But i remember watching it when i was a kid and getting freaked out by the killer beetles. Plus they director and set designer flood the films with rust red backdrops and LOTS of desert, making it looks a pretty hellish place to live, the opposite of the cold,continuous damp and rot of say, The Road.

It’s definitely the sort of film to waste a couple of hours of your pointless miserable life. So get some hot chocolate and sit up close to the screen, safe in the knowledge that our worlds leaders would NEVER do anything as awful as start a nuclear war (shudders…)


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