Music Dump: Broken Water & Silver Pines

29 Nov

Hmm. My mind and mental faculties seem to be slipping a little. I was supposed to do this last week, but somehow the twin devils of sloth and pessimism seemed to triumph over my work rate. so i’m making sure i make up for lost time by giving you not one, but TWO delicious slices of fuzzed out indie rock for your aural dissection.

Right, the first part of the dump is “Broken Water”, the self titled tape by BROKEN WATER. They are a trio from Olympia, WA in the US. Their sound is unmistakably linked to the likes of Sonic Youth Dinosaur Jr and Sebadoh with the male/female vocal axis and guitar wanglings. A bit like they discovered the documentary 1991: The year Punk Broke in their uncles video collection. But they dump a big layer of psychedelic MBV shoegaze and cavernous reverb to the proceedings. The six tracks come across as suitably dark enough to make you give off a moody vibe with that post ’90s feel to it.

Try Broken water HERE

The next addition to this weekS music dump is “Forces” by SILVER PINES. Not so much an album, more of a proper EP, the Texan group create very hazy, fuzzy guitar lines and country twangs with distant female vocals. It comes across a bit like a calmer Spiritualized if they had relocated to Nevada and started listening to country music instead of the Velvet Underground. I would recommend this for listening for when you are sitting at the edge of a canyon and watching the sun go down with a coyote howling in the distance (before tearing a prairie dog apart)….

Try “Forces” HERE

Ok now with this quality music that has been presented to you, you can now leave me in peace so i can wallow in my own filth thank you very much….

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