Music Moment: ESG, “Dance to the Beat of Moody”

29 Nov


Whey hey! I seem to be in a bit of a Whoop Whoop mood this evening. Perhaps it’s because I’ve managed to unload a stinking block of copy over to the Grapevine dungeons, that my Editor (and personal wizard) Haukur will definitely enjoy reading at his desk tomorrow. Or perhaps it’s because those nu-Rave Oldsters Apparat Organ Quartet released a single from their upcoming album that is just SO FUCKING GOOD that i played about 10 times straight tonight. Seriously it just takes every other electro band in Iceland, pins them on that dirty damp mattress in that squalid alleyway, and fucks them till they bleed (i.e. it’s that good…).

So i wanted something a little bouncy this evening. And what does my YouTube 8-Ball throw up this evening? Only a little gem titled “Dance to the Beat of Moody” from ESG. They were a group fronted by a bunch of sisters from the Bronx in New York,who took a very simple approach to the idea of dance music and cut many different styles of soul, funk, Post Punk and early hip Hop to create a beat soup that was guaranteed cult success. Released in 1982 as a 12″ (it was also released on a rarities compilation “A South Bronx Story 2”), you can hear that LCD Soundsystem’s “Give it up” soooooo ripped it off that they must have instigated court proceeding for plagiarism. Either way this is the original and still the best.


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