Reykjavik Grapevine: Column: The Mysterious Case Of The Disappearing Icelandic Bloggers…

30 Nov

So i wrote this piece a few weeks ago after it had been milling in my head for a while. Like a lot of non Icelanders, i rely on a collection of Icelandic blogs written in English to get my analysis, info, history and context on Icelandic society, politics and post-kreppa issues. But one by one, these sources are drying up. It has me worried.

A small piece was cut out regarding the fact this is not confined to English language blogger either. several other left wing bloggers are giving up writing as well for the sake of their sanity, but essentially the main gist of it is there. Dark times ahead…

The Mysterious Case Of The Disappearing Icelandic Bloggers…

Man, i REALLY NEED to get a new byline photo. I don’t look like that at the moment and I’m thinking people may get the wrong idea about me (dim lights in a block of flats at night, heavy built Scotsman with beard, Mohican, scowling “don’t fuck with my stuff” expression). Perhaps i should get a picture of me sticking the head of a puppy into my mouth or something…

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